Car and Trailer or Caravan Towing Courses in Blackburn Lancashire

City Trailer Training could help you with your Car and Trailer Test (B+E Driving Licence) in Blackburn Lancashire.

Towing courses in Blackburn Lancashire

Our car and trailer test training courses are designed for anyone who needs to tow a heavy trailer or caravan that has a combined (vehicle and trailer) weight over 3500kg. If you passed your standard category B car driving test after 1st January 1997, you are required by law to pass a car and trailer driving test which will add category B+E entitlement onto your driving licence. People who would require a B+E driving licence entitlement for vehicles and trailers that are likely to be over 3500kg are :  

Caravan Owners
Horse box trailer owners
Boat trailer owners
Council and Utilities Employees
Builders and Trades People


Trailer Training Course Prices

All training course prices include use of our approved car and trailer for you to use on your B+E trailer driving test.

1 DAY TRAINING COURSE (8 hours)      £365

This course is suitable for an experienced driver and for someone who has previously towed trailers.

The course will last for 8 hours.  The course training is a very high standard and you will be trained in all parts of the car and trailer driving test.

You will take your B + E test at the end of the course.

2 DAY TRAINING COURSE  (12 hours)    £495

This training course will suit a driver with little or no towing experience and should provide plenty of quality training to help prepare for the car and trailer test.

The course will last for 12 hours and is split over 2 days.  The course training is a very high standard and you will be trained in all parts of the car and trailer driving test.

You will take your B + E test at the end of the course.

Course Topics

Eyesight Check

Show me, tell me vehicle safety questions

Reversing your vehicle

General driving ability

Independent driving

Uncoupling and recoupling the trailer

About City Trailer Trailing Blackburn, Lancashire

The vehicle we use for our trailer or caravan towing courses is a Volkswagen Sharan. Due to the vehicle's size it is an excellent car to drive when learning to tow a heavy trailer. The car has been fitted with a state of the art reversing camera which will assist you during the recoupling manoeuvre on your car and trailer driving test.

The trailer we use for the towing courses is an Ifor Williams Twin Axle Box Trailer. The trailer has been approved by the DVSA driving examiners and is the correct size and weight for your B+E car and trailer driving test. On your car and trailer test, you will have to show that you can manoeuvre your car and trailer into a restricted space and stop at a certain point. The twin axle on the trailer should make reversing easier for you because having four wheels on the trailer, helps to prevent the trailer from jackknifing.

trailer training in Blackburn Lancashire

The owner of City Trailer Training Blackburn Lancashire is Adrian Smith who is a grade A driving instructor (highest obtainable grade). Adrian puts 100% effort into all his driving courses and has high professional standards. He has been a driving instructor for 20 years. During this time Adrian has been a preferred driving instructor training provider for the Ministry of Defence for our driving instructor training courses. Within our other company City Driving School Adrian has trained a number of ex servicemen and women from across the UK to become approved driving instructors.

Before becoming a driving instructor Adrian served in the Royal Marines. During this time he gained a vast amount of experience in driving and towing trailers across the UK, he has also towed trailers in the following countries :- Norway, Denmark, USA, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Belize, Malaysia and Australia.

Adrian also has his C+E licence and D+E licence (Bus and Coach). He has experience driving heavy goods vehicles in UK and Australia. Adrian always takes pride in his work which is reflected throughout his teaching within City Trailer Training.

Our aim is for you to learn to tow a trailer safely by training with us. We want you to pass your B+E Car and Trailer driving test quickly, with the minimum amount of cost for the best quality training.

Please call City Trailer Training Blackburn on 01772 727390 for friendly advice, or to book your trailer training course.